Permanent Record: What Your Waiter Knows About You Before You Sit Down To East And Why It Pays To Be Nice.”  by Kat Kinsman

“Reiner is doing his part to bridge the divide via his website, The Restaurant Manifesto, where he shares essays demystifying restaurant practices for civilians. ‘Technology puts a sheen over all of this. If you understand these kinds of human dynamics, you should be a better diner, more sensitive, more compassionate,’ he says. ‘And you’ll get better service.'”

(Appeared On The Tasting Table / February 25, 2016)


“Training Customers To Enjoy Restaurants” – Episode 183

“Ken Burgin talks with Adam Reiner, who says the mission of his website Restaurant Manifesto is about helping people dine more successfully by decoding the secret language of restaurants from an insider’s perspective.”

(Appeared on the Profitable Hospitality Podcast / May 12, 2016)



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