Our Manifesto

Time for this man to start reading The Restaurant Manifesto.
Dining successfully isn’t as easy as you think.

THE RESTAURANT MANIFESTO is not your typical food blog. We’re not all about bitchy waitresses or server rants either. Our goal is to help improve your dining experiences by giving you the tools you need to engage with waitstaff more productively. Becoming a more conscientious diner will result in better service and more successful meals. The effort you invest in understanding more about how restaurants work will pay itself back in spades! Check back regularly for articles about restaurant life, tips on dining and strategies on how you can polish up your table talk.

THE RESTAURANT MANIFESTO is administered by industry professionals and features all original content designed to make you become a better diner. We welcome your feedback as well, please email us at restaurantmanifesto@gmail.com with any ways we can improve the site or ideas you have for new content. We view the subjects discussed here as collaborative with our audience regardless of your background and welcome any comments or criticisms with an open mind.  You can stay up to date with our latest posts by liking our page on Facebook.  Also please follow us on Twitter @restofesto.

For media or press inquiries, please email adam@restaurantmanifesto.com.

Thanks for reading!!  Enjoy your meal…


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