Dining Tips

The Polite Bite

Orchestrating the on-time arrival of the guest’s food is one of the most complicated responsibilities of a server.  To do so, we must make sure the table is properly cleared and reset for the next course which can be difficult if the people seated at the table aren’t focused on the act of eating.  If you don’t finish your food in a timely manner, the chef with anger-management issues will usually blame your server for it.   One of the biggest impediments to the natural progression of the meal is what we call “The Polite Bite.”  This phenomenon usually occurs when the last bite of food on a dish shared by the table is left unfinished because no one wants to be perceived as greedy.  the-last-biteAs a result, the Polite Bite will sit on the table decomposing while the staff struggles to determine whether the next course of the meal may be safely fired.  The server will usually have to impose himself with an attempt to clear the table to speed things along.  Most of the time, a guest will say “C’mon someone has to finish that last bite!”  As long as the standoff continues, your next course will sit under a heat lamp until the table is finally cleared.  It will help your restaurant experiences flow more smoothly if you can train yourself to be more sensitive to the dynamics that are going on around you.  You came to this restaurant to eat dinner.  So, eat!! It’s perfectly acceptable to have an immersive conversation but pay attention to the staff’s efforts to choreograph your meal.  Do your part by eating your food, and we’ll do our part by serving it.

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