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Split Checks=Split Hairs

CheckPleaseIf you need to divide the check into separate payments, it’s a lot to ask for your server to itemize the bill for everyone at the table. Just provide multiple credit cards and kindly ask him to divide the check in whatever denominations you determine for each individual. You do the math. Or, better yet, collect cash payments in the different amounts from each person and pay in one lump sum–including gratuity of course. It’s lazy to expect a busy server to calculate how much each person owes based on what he ordered, so don’t do it. If you haven’t  worked on a restaurant POS system, then you can’t imagine what a royal pain in the ass it is to itemize someone’s bill when you have other tables who need attention. 

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9 years ago

“what a royal pain in the ass it is to itemize someone’s bill ”

You sound SO LAZY! If you don’t like serving, WHY are you a server then, huh????