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The Unnecessary Beverage

We don't work for free.
We don’t work for free.

Asking for hot water with lemon is a collossal waste of a server’s time. If you are doing it because you brought your own tea bag, then you should be banned from restaurants. If you ordered it because you are cold or not feeling well and need a soothing beverage, try one of our delicious hot teas or coffee drinks. Also, please do not call the drink a “Canarino” and then start telling a story about how you drank hot water with lemon everywhere you dined on a recent trip to Italy.  We don’t care. In the United States, waiters work on strict commission and it’s unreasonable to expect us to run errands if you aren’t paying for them. If you want to stay in your server’s good graces, here or abroad, we suggest you spare us the unbilled services.

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9 years ago

If you feel any beverage is unnecessary, then your tip will be unnecessary, GOT IT CONTROL FREAK?