Dining Tips

Unplug Yourself

With the proliferation of mobile phones and smart devices, it is increasingly challenging to sit down in a restaurant for a few hours and enjoy a meal unencumbered by social media, text messaging, and Candy Crush Saga.  Before even paying the check, modern diners will have “checked-in” on Foursquare, posted photos of their entreés on Instagram, and filed full-length reviews on Yelp.  At Restaurant Manifesto, we want to help you dine more successfully, so we’ll give you a piece of advice: Put your phone away and keep it there!  A restaurant should be a sanctuary—a place to take refuge from the tensions of the day and nourish yourselves nutritionally and spiritually.  How can you enjoy the company of others with the constant bleeping of text alerts and twanging of ringtones?  We know you love that foie gras dish but can’t you wait until after dinner to tweet about it?  Trust us, there is no iPhone app more entertaining than a live conversation with another interesting person. Try it some time.

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